The Most Beautiful Masks in the World

Josephine Masquerade Mask

I think we make the most Beautiful Masks in the World. We have over 25 years experience in the world of costumes and mask-making. As designers and artisans we make masJOSEPHINE BLACK GLITTER MASKks like Fashion Designers make clothes. Each year we make new designs. Trims and decorations are resourced, sketches are made and then we gather to create masks that are new to the world. I think we set the trends.

After days of concentrated effort we are “runway ready” and we premier our masks to the world at the yearly Halloween Show.

The mask in the picture is a favorite and a classic in our collection. She is Josephine. A black glittered Italian masquerade mask is decorated with exotic feathers, fancy braid that is sprinkled with jewels. Click Here to Purchase Josephine. She also comes in a gold and a silver style.

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